We invest in ventures on the cusp of disruption within selected sectors and companies with a core commitment to a more sustainable world, particularly financial inclusion.

We give back to the community by allocating part of our profits to support young underprivileged and innovative Latin entrepreneurs.

SquareOne Capital

Founded in 2018 and based in Miami, our venture capital firm extends its presence to Spain and Venezuela. Specialized in Fintech, we've carefully curated a portfolio that includes more than 40 companies across various sectors. Our ongoing mission is to scout for and embrace new investment opportunities, further diversifying and strengthening our portfolio.

SquareOne Capital









fueled by passion

We work passionately to turn ideas into economic realities that generate positive impacts.

We add valuable support to founders and management teams by leveraging our expertise in emerging markets and finance, along with our robust network of contacts developed over the last three decades.

fueled by passion

driven by disruption

We invest in companies that—through innovation and disruption—contribute to a more sustainable world while generating excellent returns.

We value ideas that challenge industries and ingrained ways of life within a large enough addressable market, while keeping a particular focus on the Fintech sector.

driven by disruption

we invest globally

Since Technology knocked down geographical borders, we are region-agnostics; we currently hold investments in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


fintech is our focus

We also invested in other sectors such as EdTech, Logistics, Blockchain, Mobility, and Insurtech.


from SquareOne to IPO

Having a stage-balanced portfolio strategy allows us to continuously support our founders with follow-on investments. In the early stages, we only support ventures in the Fintech sector.