S1C Accelaration

A Proud Initiative

S1C Acceleration Program is an initiative proudly promoted by
SquareOne Capital. Our mission is deeply rooted in giving back
to the community by articulating and allocating resources to support
the development of technology-based entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Our Purpose & Commitment

We're all about empowering and uplifting Venezuela's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Imagine a future where Venezuelan startups are not just recognized but celebrated in Latin America for their groundbreaking innovations, mastery of cutting-edge technologies, and world-changing ideas.

To turn this vision into reality, S1C as a dedicated team whose mission is the development of initiatives that nurture the growth of Venezuela's startup scene. We know that talent, resources, and opportunities are vital for success, and we're committed to providing support to our local entrepreneurs.

<strong>Our Purpose & Commitment</strong>


Introducing S1C Acceleration Program

Our first step on this exciting journey is the launch of our initiative, the Acceleration Program.

This program aims to be a stepping stone for Venezuelan startups, offering mentorship, resources and connections to thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.This program aims to be a stepping stone for Venezuelan startups, offering mentorship, resources and connections to thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.

<strong>Introducing S1C Acceleration Program</strong>


What the Startup Accelerator Program Offers:

Mentorship: Our mentors have walked the startup path and are here to offer insights, guidance, support, and connections.

Access to Capital: We're here to provide your startup's initial financial support and open doors to future funding opportunities.

Hands-on Support: We offer practical guidance to validate your business model, experiment with new ideas, implement growth strategies, and develop a robust startup plan.

Networking: Connect with a community of like-minded partners and supporters.

Perks: Access to credits and discounts of tools including cloud services and other valuable tools to streamline your startup's operations.

<strong>What the Startup Accelerator Program Offers:</strong>


How to become part of the Accelerator?

To join the Accelerator, startups first go through a 12-week pre-acceleration program. During this period, after a diagnostic assessment and the design of a personalized plan, their entrepreneurial projects receive methodological support in the development of their businesses. They will benefit from mentoring sessions provided by a network of expert mentors, as well as talks and networking events.

Upon completing this pre-acceleration period, the top startups will be presented to a Committee that will select the startups that will proceed to the official Acceleration Program.

<strong>How to become part of the Accelerator?</strong>


Ready to be part of the future of Venezuelan entrepreneurship?

As a Startup Founder

Whether you're a visionary founder with a game-changing idea or looking to make a difference, S1C Acceleration Program is here to support you.

Let's work together to create a brighter, more innovative future for Venezuela and Latin America.

Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for Venezuelan startups and position Venezuela as a hub for impactful innovation.

Let's Build the Future, Together!

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As a Mentor

Are you an experienced mentor looking to make a difference? Join us as a mentor in the S1C Acceleration Program and share your expertise with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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<strong>Ready to be part of the future of Venezuelan entrepreneurship?</strong>

Meet Our Program Leader

Heading up the Acceleration Program, is Alex Gómez. With over 20 years of experience in corporate innovation, a track record as a co-founder, and hands-on experience in startups, Alex has spent the past decade leading Startup Acceleration Programs in Venezuela and Peru, while working at Wayra, and as a Lead Mentor of the 3rd Edition of the ScaleUp Tech Program of Endeavor Colombia.

<strong>Meet Our Program Leader</strong>